the Renewal of Every Spring & our winner!
Thanks to everyone who participated in the little garden giveaway! Sonja said…
I just found your blog this morning and love it. I look forward to reading more in the future.

Thanks Sonja! I hope you do continue to visit! & make sure I get your address so we can ship off your little garden!

In other news, we’ve been spending our time this week getting ready for Passover. It’s a big holiday for us, and the build up is half the fun! Over the past month we’ve been careful about the things we bring into the house from the grocery store because in a few days we’re purging all the leavened items from our home to keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread..

While planning is important to avoid throwing out loads of leavened items, the actual act of cleaning our house in a way that removes every last crumb, or shred of ‘chametz’ is such a physical way of representing a spiritual state. We clean it up, throw it out ,and wipe our hands of it; it represents a renewal of spirit and a cleansing like no other. It’s such a story of salvation. Leaven represents sin, and the idea that leaven is permissible throughout the year with this one chance at true purging just reiterates the expectations of the Creator. To know us so well–and how like leaven our sinful nature permeates our lives; Passover gives us this opportunity to purge and really represents the grace we all depend on, the opportunity we are offered to just throw that away and start fresh. Sure, the leaven will return, but in the upcoming week we will focus on life without leaven–life free of the crumbs in the corner or hidden stashes in the back of the freezer, which we always find at some point during the week we live without it, more great imagery…

Anyway, it’s a special time of year for most right now, even if it’s just spring cleaning. This change of season resonates renewal and I welcome that! Are you feeling a renewal coming?


  • Melissa Posted April 13, 2011 11:00 am

    I really like this post. We don't celebrate Passover, so I had never really thought about the significance of what you are doing in exchanging leavened bread for unleavened. Thanks for the food for thought!

  • simpli mama Posted April 14, 2011 9:00 pm

    We are excited to prepare for Passover here as well! I love listening to you share how the jewish and christian feasts and celebrations come together. We too celebrate both and it is neat to hear from another mama, doing the same 🙂

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