Something’s missing!
quilt square pillow
quilt squares on the mantle–in embroidery hoops.
Anyone else thinking a giveaway is in order? Perhaps a random square for you?
First, looking back I should have included at least 1 picture for the last post. To make up for it I’m adding a new & exciting development: Naomi lost her first tooth! It began wiggling yesterday after her consumption of a 2 pound apple. My first thought at her complaint of a “shaky” tooth was, ‘oh dear, we really need to make sure you brush more regularly!’.
A few seconds later it dawned on me that she’s hit that stage of her development.
I had this sudden pit in my stomach as my mind reeled with thoughts like (but not limited to, never limited to), ‘had we prepared her for this? did she understand that losing teeth was normal? was she scared that she was never going to get adult teeth?–oh shoot! what ELSE should I start preparing her for? is it time now to start talking about things we don’t talk about?’ oh my.
Gone are the days for milestones of cruising, walking, talking & climbing.
Those are being filled her sister–Leviah’s just getting teeth & now she’s losing them.
I feel like one of those moms on TV now. They always have kids doing big-kid things & she has officially become a big kid (in my opinion). Whew, little kid days sure do go quick…
Anyway, onto the documentation:

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