Schoolhouse: The Next Big Step

We introduce to you the schoolhouse

We have a vision of a place where people can come and find out more about themselves. They can discover the magic of making something with their own hands. The joy of sitting down at the table and breaking bread with strangers and then leaving the meal with new friends. And this will all happen in the schoolhouse.

A place where people can meditate, receive massages, learn to breath and stretch. A center where people can explore holistic health and find both physical and emotional health.

We want people to be able to share in live music, play for people, join in a “general store” music gathering.

It’s a vision of locally grown food that we can feed to neighbors and share ways to improve our practices. We want people to come together for the benefit of themselves to find their fullness.

Lastly, we want these amazing people to help make their local and global community even better. We want to support the change-makers, those that want to live lives of splendor and abundance. We want to do our part to help make the world a better place.

This is the “Schoolhouse”

So we began our journey

About three months ago we took that big step towards our journey of bringing wellness and healing to our community.

We purchased some land that is right next to our current homestead. It’s flat land, it has a big field and a little farmhouse, a really little house. It needs tons of work but the story behind it is so cool. Our neighbor who is one of the originals from our area helped build the house in the 40s. They cut trees down from our land and had the lumber milled right there on the spot.

As we work with him in the house he has story after story to tell us about the property. It has been a really great step in starting our vision to begin the creation of this community-based wellness center.

Come, join us on our journey and schoolhouse!

We want to INVITE you to join our online community!

We will explore with both our local and global communities: the magic of creating with our hands, how we can eat better, be better, live better, and help others do the same. Just think of the impact a few of us can have if we start with those areas of our lives!

If this is something you are passionate about or just want to explore. JOIN US!

Start by joining our new monthly emails. Every other week we will send you a quick couple of tips and ideas on community wellness, upcoming local events, and the transformation of our Schoolhouse project!

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The Schoolhouse is still under construction.

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