The Secret to knowing what essential oil to use for any issue

In this video post we cover how to find answers for ailments you’re dealing with. We look at what resources are out there and how to get the most out of them.

Plus what do you look at when everything you have tried so far hasn’t worked…

The transcript:

  • Hey, everybody.
  • We’re live. Here with Lacey. one of the big questions that we have a lot is when people are just starting out is, what essential oil should I use for what ailment and how do I find that essential oil? So Lacey and I are both pretty long in this wellness journey and sometimes forget you know, what it takes to do that. So I thought puttin’ Lacey on the spot here a little bit, hey Shonda. So just puttin’ Lacey on the spot and I gave her a little bit of heads up, but so if someone has an issue, how do you look it up, Lacey? So this is from like, not knowing anything at all. Someone who’s brand new. Tell us what you got.
  • So first thing is you ask the person that introduced you to oils or find somebody who is with doTERRA, like us, and we will help you find answers. And we may off the cuff have a few ideas, just because we’ve been doing it for so long, but when we first started, we didn’t know. And we had what we basically called our essential oil Bible that we carried around with us everywhere. And it was giant. And still I never left the house without it. And it looked like this, a little bit like this. This is called Essential Life. And this book is just super handy because you can look up exactly whatever is bothering you and it gives you a suggestion for it. Can you see that? Okay, so what did I open to? I opened to, let’s see. So Lyme disease is right here, okay? A lot of people are familiar with Lyme disease. It’s a huge issue, rising issue. It tells you what that is, it tells you what are the top five oils to use and how to use those five oils. Then it also tells you to go further back in the book for more information on that particular need. So I love this resource, I still turn to this resource on a regular basis because it’s full of other things, like actual protocols and then recipes for cleaners and cooking and, you name it. So I really really really like this book. It’s great. I would never not have this book. Is that helpful?
  • That is helpful. Okay, so what about you have the person in your life that isn’t maybe so much into essential oils, but you know, wants to sneak it every once in a while and learn a little something without you knowing it. So opening the big giant book is not gonna do–
  • Yeah, so some people are just there like, no, I don’t want a textbook. I don’t want any more of that. I’m done with college and high school, I don’t want any textbooks. I get it. So we actually have the shorter version. And this is actually a newer book for us but we really love it and the recommendations in here are spot on and have proven to be really good for us. So this is called Essential Oils Expanded. It’s a smaller book, this would fit in most pocket books. And yeah, it’s just really handy. And it’s a little bit shorter of a list in terms of what’s in here, but still you get a good idea of what you can use for each need. And yeah, I mean hives is on here and heartburn and heart disease and hematoma, hemorrhoids, hepatitis, you name it. Everything is listed in here. And you can just find an actual protocol and the oils that will most help you with that specific situation. So yeah, love that one.
  • So for those of you that aren’t on the video, that book is like half the size of a textbook. It’s a pretty tiny little book.
  • Really small, yeah.
  • That one’s a good one you can kinda carry around with you.
  • Okay?
  • Yeah.
  • [Drew] What about if you don’t want a book at all? What’s our next option?
  • Ooh. I feel like I know where we’re going. So this is actually something that we made just to make it even easier for people to have a really quick list of ways to use the oils in the home. So this is a magnet. It slaps on anything that is made of metal. We have one on a locker in our house. You can put it on your refrigerator, it’s just a really convenient way to figure out what to use for any specific thing. And we put the top needs. Everything from first aid to emotions to cooking and then specific ailments like tummy aches, insomnia, headaches, reflux, infection, earaches, that kinda thing. All right here and you don’t even need to open a book. It’s just right there on your fridge. And it’s kinda pretty too. So it’s not gonna make you dirty up your fridge with anything ugly. But yeah, we love it.
  • That one’s fun. Okay, what about protocols? So if you need, if you wanna kinda learn to Symphony of the Cells is one, Aromatouch, I feel like that’s a great resource. Sometimes people–
  • So actually yeah. These are kind of partnership. These two go together. This one, you can have this without this, but if you have this then you’ll know more things to do with this book. So it’s nice to kind of separate it but still work together. And this is all Symphony of the Cells protocols and that is just a system of applying the oils to the back and the feet in a way that really boosts your body’s, whether it’s your immune system or your circulation system, whatever it is that you’re working on, you can pick specifically. And it really pinpoints different things like cardiovascular, emotional, hormone system, skin, nervous system, respiratory, cellular system. And it helps you identify which protocol to use for each of those issues. So I’m gonna give you a quick peek inside. This is called a Maxim Protocol and you can see what it’s good for there. It lists all those different things that it’s good for. Like, Lupus, shingles, Addison’s disease, Lyme disease, soft tissue sarcoma, like it’s just a really heavy hitter for people dealing with any kind of sort of inflammation or cellular issue. And there’s an infectious disease protocol, what protocols also there’s sensory protocols, so people dealing with sensory issues or children maybe on the spectrum or adults on the spectrum, it’s incredible. I love that resource. And it’s very small. So this I have in a drawer at home and I just pull it out when we use it whenever we’re dealing with one of those specific conditions. Feels amazing.
  • So yeah. So I think like, just sum it up for us then. If you’re new to essential oils, and you have an issue pop up, something that you don’t know anything about, you wanna know kinda what body system it’s in and how to treat it. Let’s say it’s a chronic issue. Something a little bit harder than just like, allergies. You know, where would you start just summing it up with all those resources we had. How would you attack that?
  • Well first of all, like I said, talk to your friend. We have a great usage group online too. If you’re not in there, you should be in there and get great information from an online community of about 4,000 people and growing. Who are all using the oils and learning about the oils on a regular basis. But ultimately I don’t know. What’s the answer you’re looking for?
  • I don’t know. I put her on the spot, guys.
  • You did. If you have a chronic issue, then–
  • Yeah, I mean for me now when it pops up and I’m trying to think back to when, you know, we didn’t have it. It was asking a friend but then it was also typing it in the Facebook group and then looking it up in the–
  • I think my biggest word of advice on that is just be careful on the internet. Because what you’ll find information-wise on essential oils is just all over the board. And so you really need to find somebody who’s got experience, somebody who has resources that are reliable and it’s not just somebody’s opinion, not just somebody’s effort to hit on hot topic and get a lot of people on their blog. And just dig a little deeper and find resources that are connected to science and research and actual evidence to show how good or effective or safe these different products are. So that’s one of my favorite reasons for loving doTERRA so much is that is their goal, is to make sure that we feel equipped and that we’re dealing with products that are beyond all the safety measures that are even out there. Because of their purity and because of the connection to research that doTERRA is so so adamant about having. So that is definitely I think we’re so privileged to be able to work with a company that you know, has put all of that in the forefront. But anyway, so yeah. Education is huge and it’s something that we just are super passionate about.
  • And I think my two go-tos now are these two Symphony of the Cell to go to. So a lot of times I’ll look it up in the Essential Oil Expanded. And then it gives you in there it tells you the Symphony of the Cells protocol. So for chronic issues, any issue now, that’s my go-to when I have people texting me and asking me. A lot of times that’s what I look it up. I’m not really using that big green book as much anymore.
  • Hey, Leanna.
  • Hey, Leanna.
  • Yeah no, I definitely think that there are some great resources online too, like the apps that are available. There’s an Essential Life app. And then this is another book that we didn’t mention yet but I really love having it. It’s very pinpointed just to the essential oils for emotions. Which is such a key element. A lot of times those emotions are the root causes of our disease even. And so if we don’t get and deal with those underlying issues or those chronic mood issues then we aren’t gonna actually see the healing we need to see anyway. So I love this. It gives you some really great ideas and charts for ways to deal with emotions with oils. And it also tells you the quality of each oil. So for example, if you’re looking for more abundance, use wild orange. Wild orange is the oil of abundance. Which is awesome because it’s also our, I think least expensive oil.
  • Yeah.
  • So what a good combo. Use the heck outta that.
  • Yeah I was gonna say the same thing. I think if you’re dealing with an issue and you can’t get a good result, going to the emotions book is huge. ‘Cause a lot of times, like Lacey said, that’s where it is. And it takes a little bit of digging, but you know, don’t overlook the emotions. But yeah.
  • Yeah.
  • Anything else? Nothing? All right guys, great talking with you, thank you.

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