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Life has been fortunate for me. Not only do I have a terrific family but I have been blessed to know some amazing people who not only accept my flaws & oddities, they are talented & inspiring. Today I want to share some of them! So, in no particular order I proceed.

Well, I’ll start with Drew. He is an artist & although Home Theater design isn’t exactly what he had in mind when he got his BFA in sculpture, it’s an outlet for creativity of sorts…it pays the bills & he enjoys it–you can’t ask for more than that in a job. But, he’s a hobbyist in his down time & recently he started making candles. I love them & many others do as well–it’s most exciting to ship of his adorable creations to folks near & wide. Take a Peek (there are also a few in the “sale” section–don’t miss them).
handmade beeswax candles
Next I will talk about Hoot Baby children’s clothing which is out of this world fantastic. Thanks to Drew’s candles & a couple odds & ends vintage trimmings I was able to get my hands on a dress & tunic for Naomi & Leviah. I can’t WAIT to dress them up & spend a day taking adorable pics, but in the mean time here’s a pic of the quick try-on. Hoot Baby is expanding with Trunk Shows–which I can’t wait to host–& a product line that only makes a mama question one thing, where can I find my size?!
handmade girls dresshoot baby
Have I recently mentioned Savta’s Dolls? There are posts dedicated to Lebo, but I have to point out that these waldorf style babes just keep getting cuter! Now there’s Lebo, Ella & Leviah’s snuggle baby that we’ll name when she’s able. They’re amazing & I can’t wait to see what more my Mother In Law comes up with in the future…true doll-making talent. She doesn’t have a shop on Etsy yet, but she’s getting there & right now she’s filling orders for anyone who sees a doll & HAS to have one–pretty much every other Grandma she knows!
waldorf doll
Now for the music that makes a background for our daily routine…we love finding artists of all varieties that are semi-obscure, but recently we were given the first Album from our Friend Solomon Lopez–a fellow ‘Hebrew’–who has been gifted with a natural talent for song writing & performing. We have been listening for 5 days straight…it’s meaningful & uplifting. Preview (make sure to listen to minute 5:12 for one of our favorite tracks!). It’s available for download online through iTunes & others.
This list could go on & on. From friends who blog, to those who knit, & on to those who are just downright great moms that remind me to put that endeavor first. Thank you friends.


  • Melissa Posted December 12, 2009 12:05 am

    I saw, I saw! Thanks! And i found an awesome Harrod's of London gor-geous scarf for a buck today at Freedom House (that place is surprisingly stacked. Need to go w/o kids.) Gonna make a pillow ala Eddie Ross. You'll have to help me find some nitty gritty places, too– I don't know any.

  • Joy Posted December 12, 2009 1:39 pm

    That was really sweet, Lacey! We're hoping to get our Hootbaby clothes soon too. Woot! 🙂 Naomi's a darling!

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