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This is our morning ‘lesson’. Letter M was the center, along with the Miss Moppet story by Beatrix Potter. We also retold the story (naomi is still playing) with a felt board. Recently I’ve seen a lot of info on how to make & enjoy these fun numbers on your own; like here & here. I was fortunate enough to find this big set of boards & innumerable characters at a thrift store several years ago, convenient storage bag included. What was probably over $100 of investment was only $3.50 for me–awesome find; Granted, it is embroidered with ‘Olivia’ prominently on the front… We did cut out our own mouse & have spare sheets of felt to make anything we need for future story-telling.

felt board
felt storytellingfelt craft
miss moppet via felts
Some of you may know 2 things about us, 1. We recently watched Food, Inc. & now are committed to attempting to eat as locally/organically as possible. 2. Drew started hunting this year & got his first in early December. Although he may not come across as a ‘killer’, we both feel it our responsibility to not only be aware of where our food comes from, but to be responsible for it as much as we can. So, he killed, gutted & butchered for 3 long days. So, venison is a regular part of our diet.
I don’t have pics but, I wanted to share 2 meals we’ve had this week with these 2 things as key players:
  • meal 1: Swiss Steak with sides of sauteed Kale & sweet potatoes. (the veggies are what’s in season & available from local farmers) Swiss Steak is simply thinly sliced steaks breaded with flour & herbs, ‘fried’ in olive oil until browned, add in about 3/4 cup water & some (homemade) salsa, cover & simmer until sauce thickens & enjoy! (beef could be used as well). This is a meal my mom always made when I was a kid & drew literally can’t stop talking about it, & it was REALLY simple & whatever you have can be added–mushrooms, onions, green peppers…
  • meal 2: last night Drew made beef cabbage hash (with venison) that was utterly delightful. SUCH a good meal for a cold evening. I don’t like cabbage & I’m picky about venison, but I couldn’t taste a difference. We topped it with cheddar cheese…
  • Farmland Cookbook: We haven’t made any of these yet, but the recipes look so great, I’ve been wanting to share. They’re all veggie-friendly! The harvest-bisque looks especially yum.


  • Melissa Posted January 15, 2010 12:18 am

    Talk about committment! I actually really admire this way of eating– we are not shy about the fact that we are carnivores, but I feel so much better about it when I can see where the animal came from, that it was well-cared for, etc. I think you just took it two steps farther than that…we should take a field trip to Cane Creek Farms to see their set-up– it will be "research" for you and fun for me!

  • school house oils Posted January 15, 2010 1:52 am

    we've been devouring their website. We somehow didn't even know about them until 2 weeks ago! HOW did we miss this? let's make a plan!

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