Top 3 Benefits of Beekeeping

We are going to talk about some of the benefits of beekeeping. These are just the top three practical benefits, so if you know more let us know in the comments or tell us by joining our community.

Also, we suggest you read our blog about starting beekeeping if these benefits sparks your passion for beekeeping.

Anyhow let’s get on and discover what beekeeping can give to us!

Honey, and lots of honey

honeys as a result of beekeeping

From the two hives that we initially had, we would get five gallons of honey every year for about 2 to 3 years.

Then we had a friend who was willing to work with us and let us keep bees on his property.

Beekeeping for kids

I would encourage you to include your kids with beekeeping. It is a good experience for them and what better way for them to learn about nature than to do it firsthand.

They will learn values and things as they become part of the process. We have honey all the time but to see our 11 year old just walk past the honeycomb and say, “I might cry.” Her reaction stems from the fact that she sees where that honey comes from and she has sympathy for those bees who worked hard for that honey.

It is a very powerful thing to include your kids. 

But make the set-up of your hive kids friendly, put up some fence near the entrance to change the flight path, or have your kids stay away from the flight path of your bees. Nevertheless, bees know how to get out of your way as long as you don’t disturb them.

Beekeeping for the environment

Beekeeping is great for the environment. It revives and keeps the vitality or greenery of our surrounding.

With beekeeping, you can just really want pollinators which I think is a very valuable thing this day and age. We want to help the bee population as much as possible. It increases good genetics. We want to pollinate.

That’s good for our ecosystems and that’s a valid reason to get started and honestly, you need minimal equipment for that too. 

You might not even need a bee suit if you’re just going to do a top bar high for pollination.

Beehives are the buzz of the town!

Beekeeping: A man holding a beehive ot bee comb.

Last year we bought another top bar hive just to double up our bee yard and see if we could continue to grow. Because honestly while I love getting honey, it’s more important to me to know that we’re contributing to the pollination on our property and just increasing the vitality in general on our property and having honey bees around it’s like adding a layer of life to any property.

We have these bees mainly for pollination, but if we get honey, it’s a bonus.

There are so many benefits that we can’t just list them all!

If you know more practical and figurative benefits of beekeeping tell us in the comments or join us in our community so you can share with us what you do with beekeeping.

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