Turtle Drive

Inspired by a Turtle adventure, Naomi & I are keeping up with the mainstream and will post our occasional inspirations for all to take or leave.

To start…
Isn’t it interesting how nature fits into our suburban lives? We (the Grim’s) are gardeners and outdoor types, but in our quaint little neighborhood very rarely does the natural surprise us. We’ve got a cat, bees, & frequent visitors like squirrels & coons, but for some reason a turtle is what it takes to amaze us.

While headed out the the mailbox I found this little guy crossing our drive. So, Nomer & I ran out with our cameras to snap a few shots (Naomi got a “play” digital for her birthday a week ago). What excitement. We followed that critter for at least 30 minutes and came up with some pretty fun shots. We learned a lot & I have been pondering since–how many exciting, adventurous occasions I miss day-to-day by oversight.

Naomi is renowned for the re-telling of details she perceives as exciting: i.e. when I almost hit a kid on his bicycle, the time she threw up in a cup, the “wormie” da-da smooshed in the yard, etc. (all of which took place last night, by the way). Perhaps I can encourage this enthusiasm towards things that might not be so irregular by sharing this “blog” project with her.

At any rate, perhaps this “diary” will help prevent my disinterest for the sake of my children…

So, here we share!

You can flip through the “photo album” for more Turtle shots…


  • Kallie Posted October 14, 2008 3:42 am

    Ha. What a fantastic turtle. He was the catalyst that finally brought you into the blogosphere!

  • Charissa Posted October 18, 2008 1:36 pm

    I love your blog and can’t wait for an update. Hope you’re feeling well!

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