A Week of Celebration
We are full swing in our craziest time of year.

Yesterday was Rosh Hashanah and we spent the day in the mountains, per our tradition. (We visit the creek there every year in part to perform the ritual of Tashlich that Margaret speaks of here.) It was great, and friends/family joined us this year which made it even more adventurous. The weather, as it has been in years past, was perfect. 70s, cooling off in the evening.

We enjoyed honey cake & round challah, kite flying, hiking, dam building, downtown perusing and a delcious dinner at a new place in Boone (at least new to us). There should be heavy napping today…

On top of all that, tomorrow we are headed to Raleigh so I can go to a friend’s bachelorette party–i love a good night out with the girls. Sunday Naomi will be 7. WHAT?! so, we’ll be celebrating that with the requested picnic with family and friends. Then, back home and Monday will be a day that goes down in infamy as my 30th birthday. I’ll take a slow day for that, the older I get the less I want to do and the more I have to, so a nice day of mosey-ing about would hit the spot.

Anyway, older is better. Recently one of my oldest friend’s and I discussed our aging. It’s not nearly as dreadful as you think it will be. When you’re twenty you think life can’t get better, but it does and that’s surprising and it’s really the best part of my birthday is thinking about how I have SO much of what I want out of life and I’m still relatively youthful. Not that I can’t think of other places to go, or more goals to reach, but, to quote Anne Shirley, “I’m pretty nearly perfectly happy.”

The fun won’t end this week. October is FULL of camping for Sukkot, Leviah’s birthday, and the general celebrating of Fall–which is (once again) my fave.

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  • Sunny Posted October 2, 2011 2:37 am

    Happy Birthday(s)! And I couldn't agree more- it does get better… having been on the other side of 30 for a couple of years, I can say that it's been so nice to finally settle into my own skin.

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