We have had a traumatizing morning. My ears are literally ringing from all the excitement. Somehow–we cannot figure out the logistics, and it happened in my peripheral sights–Leviah fell, holding a bongo and cut straight through her fingernail. The nail fell off completely and she had to get some stitches.

Anyway, we spent all morning either at the pediatricians or the cosmetic surgeon. These type of events are not good for pregnant women…

Leviah is a trooper and even the doctors were impressed with her composure. I’m a different story, but someone’s got to do the crying. She’s napping now, so we’re just hoping that when the numbness wears off she’ll be able to manage the pain alright.

Ugh. But, on an upbeat tone I wanted to share these internet things:

Craftgawker. There is a whole ‘gawking universe’ and it’s amazing to peek through. Anyway, look around when you have a minute–you’re sure to find something of interest!

and second, this is the sweet song. Leviah was getting the drum to play along with this one

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  • Artistmama Posted March 7, 2011 8:19 pm

    Yikes! Hope you're Both feeling better now!

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