‘What am I doing wrong?’, A Network Marketing business struggle, Part 2

So this is the second part of the blog post ‘What am I doing wrong?’, A Network Marketing business struggle. But this time we’ll talk about what the C4 understanding really is.

We’ll talk about commitment and capability which is very important in engaging with a Network Marketing business. So off we go to the first C.

Commitment to your network marketing business

Commitment. This. Is. Massive.

You’re here reading this second part, so you have some amount of commitment. Perhaps even more than some of those who aren’t here. This commitment comes from a connection to your vision, your ‘Why’, your North Star.

This commitment may be inspired, it may be dutiful, it may be exciting.

NEWSFLASH We cannot have a commitment for others. 

NEWSFLASH #2 We cannot have commitment sometimes. 

Commitment is not only just that simple, but it is also a major ingredient to make your business excellent.


It looks like missing soccer games, letting others cook dinner, saying ‘no’ to every opportunity so you can say YES to. It means making new boundaries, it means KEEPING those boundaries.

It means coming to events when others are going camping because ‘This is your job’.

No one makes network marketing your career. No one hires you, no one fires you. You don’t do this because they make lots of money or it is simply amazing. No.

You must hire your own self. You must set alarms and due-dates and quotas. That is commitment.

Not because it’s fun, not because it feels good. It won’t always feel good, you will NOT always feel good.

You do this because YOU are committed

In fact, I had this phase where I was feeling really down because people I’d worked with were enrolling elsewhere and I was madly frustrated. Then Drew said, “You don’t have to do this.”

And at that moment I realized what my commitment was.

And just like how I realized my commitment, I want you to realize your own by finishing this sentence.

My commitment to my Network Marketing business is:

UNTIL you treat this as a job, it will only pay you like a hobby. Now, some of you may be counting hours up and saying to yourself, ‘Screw that, I’ve been committed, shown up, done the things… and it’s not really working’.

Don’t you worry we got three more Cs to tackle and that will surely get you up to speed on your business.

Capability as an individual

Capability is the development of skills (PIPES) without being handheld every step of the way. It is the ability to learn new things, to take ideas, training and implement them.

Often it looks like someone enrolling a person without any assistance. It looks like someone stepping into teaching, like inviting skillfully, like offering amazing education and content to serve customers & builders alike. 

If you feel you’re not really capable–focus on the training guides your company has made for you that are so beautiful. USE them, WORK THROUGH THEM!

They are totally right, and half of the capability is simply repetition.

You learned from all these amazing builders and the one thing that separates them from the crowd is their commitment to repetition! Their acceptance every day that they will fail, but then they’ll get up and potentially fail again, and then…they will finally succeed!

That has made them some of the most capable individuals I know. 

So, looking over it–capability is truly the ability to accept failure as a part of the process, but still continues until success is achieved. It is the drive to try and try and try in spite of frustrations and falling.

The first two Cs of network marketing business

These first two Cs are fundamental training. I think it’s important to understand that these two can get you to a certain place, but not beyond. Premier seems to be that place.

So, let’s explore what it takes to get further, and how you can seek people with two more VERY important qualities–but PRIMARILY, how you can develop them in yourself.

Watch out for the coming blog posts about the two final Cs that will completely equip you through your network marketing business.

Actually, you know what? If you think you are ready for the third C, come and read it here now.

But hey, if you want to see for yourself how you fare on the C4 understanding, go ahead and take the quiz below and comment you strength and weaknesses and how we can help.

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