Have you ever thought about homeschooling your kids? Have you ever thought about teaching them? Can you? It may be a little heavy, to do such a thing but we are willing to help you lighten that load.

Afterall, as mothers or parents, we will always be our children’s first teacher.

Along with Kaleena Amuchastegui of the 5 hour School Week, we’ll share some of our thoughts and experience with homeschooling. We will also share our wisdom that we have earned from our experience with our own children.

As I have gotten confidence from our conversations, I hope that you’ll get the same thing too.

So whether you love curriculum, public schooling, private schooling or just follow whatever piqued your child’s interest, our podcast episode will surely give some light to what does it take to homeschool. It will also give you insight on the deeply rooted cultural education that we should all take a closer look.

guest for homeschooling podcast episode

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