Alright, so having an infant has made “alone time” a thing of the past. But, I wanted to drop in briefly to explain my goals so that I can hold myself accountable!

a. I wanted to post the widget on the left (Garden Girl E-Zine), because if I do I’ll get some sweet heirloom seeds for free!

b. These seeds will come in handy for the community garden that we’re helping with. Right now I’m trying to get the website running, which is quite a chore for someone so unfamiliar with web-making software (shh. don’t tell)

c. I’m going to start posting the preps & planting we do this year so anyone who wants can follow our lead, offer assistance, etc. Although there are thousands of books that will help, it’s sometimes easier to follow a leader and stray from that in ways you feel comfortable. Our climate is specific and perhaps I can help you all figure this out. I’ll include Bee info too…

d. I’m changing the picture so that you all will know, despite bone-chilling temperatures, now is the time to start planning your spring garden–even dropping some seeds in the ground (I’ll talk about which ones next time).

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