So, most of you probably realized how fun the wii is. if not, come over!
I think this post, compared to the Turtle Island post, is quite contrary. But, it all happened in the same weekend. Drew surprised us all with it.

Jump. There’s a reason I’m a better typer than my mother & it has nothing to do with intelligence–well maybe a smidge (wink mom). It’s because I started using a computer when I was approx: 8. Typing classes started when I was 9, the dos tutorials when I was 10…& so on. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know the difference between megabytes, pixels or ram, but I manage my way around the e-world pretty effortlessly. I’d say I know computers about as well as I know Spanish, what I don’t know I can fake & I know where the resources are.

So, back to my point. Naomi is a magnificent (wii)bowler. She’s 4, and although the initial explaining of “Hold down this button, swing & let go” was repeated a minimum of 7 thousand times, she’s got it! Tennis, not so much, but she gives us a run for our money with the ten-pin.

Anyway, if you don’t have one it is worth the splurge (in my opinion). Not to say we weren’t doing just fine with one less distraction, but it’s great family time. I think we’ll have wii-moments for years to come that will help us to maintain a sense of humor when it comes to competition & hand-eye coordination.

Although it seems to go against my strive to minimalism, simplification, & traditionality, it’s like silly putty. Sure, there are so many things you can do with it but one rarely misses it, or even thinks about it much when it’s not around, but when it IS available it’s only sensible to take advantage–moderately of course.

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  • Joy Posted April 15, 2009 1:04 am

    You made me smile, Lacey! I totally didn’t see this coming from you, but good for you guys! My stepsons have a wii so we’ve chosen to refrain on this side of the fence, but we do have a DDR set that hooks up to a playstation that we drag out occasionally. 🙂

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