Holiday Reminiscing
Tonight is the first night of Sukkot (feast of tabernacles). So, amid the rush of getting everything packed and ready to go for a week of camping and fellowship, I’m stopping in to share a few photos of years past.

2004: Went into labor the next day. (this is proof to those who don’t believe I gained a ginormous amount of weight when I was pregnant the first time. whew.)

2005: Naomi was born at Sukkot in 2004, so here she is almost 1.

2006: The Sukkah in the backyard. (Naomi 2)

2007: Naomi’s 3rd birthday fell on Sukkot, so we partied extra hard.

2008: Sweet Lady blowing a Shofar
(I was due a week after sukkot with Leviah–hence, my midwife kept the feast with us, just in case we’d need to do a ‘tent’ birth).

2008: Sweet kiddo decorating the Sukkah.

2009: Naomi turned 5 and Leviah was almost 1.

2010: The kids enjoyed a field movie night. This is a new tradition and we’re looking forward to this year’s show. Drew’s mad A/V skills make this all possible.

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  • school house oils Posted October 14, 2011 6:04 pm

    Will fix pictures when I am back! Darn them!

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