:Rabbit Trail:1:

There is this vortex called the internet. On this vortex is a circle of sites & sounds that I get lost in, regularly. In an effort to make these ventures less than forgotten & perhaps just a smidge productive I am going to share the trails I’ve followed, starting of course at the end.

End (which has arrived on account Figure Skating is about to be aired):
  • This is funny for so many reasons. I wanted nothing more when I was a child, am glad I didn’t get one, & have seen some pretty terrible ones that fit perfectly into the categories described. I actually heard this blog mentioned on the Bonnie Hunt show recently, too. I assure you, I don’t regular that program. Bonnie’s great, but daytime TV is a rarity around these parts…
  • From here–I like the notion of going ‘dresser-less’, but i am NOT in love with canvas hangy things.
  • ‘Not Molly’ commented on a swoat, which is most interesting. I love thinking about young girls sewing as I did from time to time.
  • OMSH wrote this great homeschooling article on
  • This site, that I’ve trailed before via: all over the internet.
  • Tonight I found it here–a lady I’m pleased to have met by having joined in on
  • This. Which I found via this & this in the first place…
So, that’s trail Numero Uno. I’m sure you have the inclination to ignore this post & you’re welcome to. Go ahead; make trails of your own!

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  • Melissa Posted February 16, 2010 3:04 am

    That's a lot of linky, missy!

    I'm sending you some pics tomorrow…

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