the peach is actually not in georgia.

Much time has passed…what’s gone down? We have 😉 Drew & I made a trip last wednesday to Atlanta for an Custom Electronics Expo. Cedia puts this on every year, and since it was within driving distance Drew made the plan to go months ago. He learned all the latest technology that will be in living rooms shortly. The main excitement: 3-d. We’re not talking your mom & dad’s-postcard-picture-red & blue-glasses-iMax 3-d, soon it will be glasses-that-interact-with-the-monitor-makes-grown-men-duck-on-screen-punches-3-d. More like Jaws 24 eats McFly in Back to the Future II 3-d. Anyway…something to look forward to, i’m sure.

Things we loved in this peachy place (mainly food):
  1. the Hive Co-op. Wow. EVERY city in the U.S. needs this, if not the world. it’s like my dream come true–literally! craft work-shops, great local artisans, lovely, lovely, lovely.
  2. the 5 seasons brewery where they serve all organic & local foods, not to mention delightful brews. our menu: chicken wings (a rare treat), sweet potato fries & beef lettuce wraps. yum…
  3. Thumbs Up Diner, oooh. creamy delicious herb infested eggs & omelets & the thickest piece of french toast known to man. We visited the one on Marietta Street–very close to the 5 seasons.
  4. As home of the Flying Biscuit, we expected satisfaction & that’s what we got! Biscuits, Mimosas, Love Cakes, thank goodness this isn’t a place only available after a 6 hour drive! Charlotte & Raleigh both offer this delight…
  5. the coffee over ice cream at cafe nineteen has influenced us to mix 2 favorites here at home. it didn’t last long.
  6. As I mentioned about our trip to Roanoke, the Hyatt Place downtown proved to be the hotel for us. (not to be confused with the Hyatt Regency which has smaller rooms, no internet, breakfast, or accessible parking–all for more $$)
  7. warning: as was told us by the mid-60’s lady at the info booth whom we disregarded & pegged as a square close-minded worry-wart (apologies), the underground is no place for anyone not planning a criminal act on some level. major bummer–seemed really promising.
  8. Leviah. We had a lot of 2 on one & 1 on one time with her, which is another rarity. We wore her out running/walking around, but it was a pleasure to give her some undivided attention for a change. Although she cried for ba-ba a few times, I think she enjoyed it as well.
In other news, Naomi’s 5th birthday is fast approaching. & while that notion is still registering we’re planning a playsilk dying party! Thanks to several other blog-moms & the internet at large I’ve been turned onto Waldorf style play & learning, so I incorporate. I’d been wanting to dye some for her, but didn’t want to go to all the trouble for just 5 or 6, so this is my solution. There will be several other surprises for the b-day girl if we can pull them off. As with most start-up business owners, the budget is under surveillance so corners might be cut, but I’ve already purchased one of her gifts from Urban Baby Bonnets (actually traded with a BOGO deal, so snip-snip to corner #1).
A trick I learned from my mother is: buy things she needs in styles she wants & wrap it. 2 pancakes–1 slab of butter. & of course I bought one for baby carrie as well (aka little sister).
27 days after her, Leviah turns 1. no time to exhale before my next round of party planning…

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  • Joy Posted September 15, 2009 10:12 am

    Looks like you had a great trip to Atlanta. I haven't been there in so long, but it sounds like you found some great spots. I hope your LOs have good birthdays. It sounds like mama has some good birthday ideas. 😉 Elizabeth had a silk scarf dyeing party for her last birthday (and then I rushed around washing/drying them so they could dance to celtic music at the end. Fun, fun!)

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