Bread & Beans

Things keep happening. I’d love to Blog about them all, but there are a few hours missing from the day…

First, update on some things here per previous posts.
1. we did no successfully complete Turn-off the TV week. We stumbled quite a bit actually, mainly b.c I was wrong about the dates & once I screwed that up it was very difficult to be as driven. (ended the 26th, not started…)
2. another small failure is our seedlings. I took some great pics of them when we started them several months ago, but sadly they just didn’t really work. We had LOADS of varieties that we are now trying with our green-house & direct planting. what did we learn? Starting seeds indoors is great, but having a gro-lite is essential for strong plants.

Anyway, I wanted to share all that, because I read a lot of blogs about the tremendous things people are doing & sometimes they’re more discouraging than encouraging. My real life is just NOT that successful (unless you’re measuring strictly on attitude & not on results). We have our moments, to be sure, but overall I think we’re good at laughing at ourselves. At least, I laugh at Drew… not sure I’m the best laugher 😉

For example. We bought 50pds. of flour from a local mill that actually mills King Arthur flour, so we’re talking nice flour. Well, the idea was we’d make our own bread. Finally, Drew was inspired the other night & found a “simple” recipe that called for over 24 hours of rising time. Well, about half way through there was no evidence that these loaves were going to turn out. They were gooey gobs of wetness that wouldn’t rise. Drew wanted to toss them both & probably never attempt bread-baking again. I pointed out that there was nothing to lose by continuing on with the process and…

I laugh. 2 DELIGHTFUL loaves of bread. (note ’08 Grim honey) I’ve never had better white bread, honestly. The crust was perfection (bad news for the infection I have on my one wisdom tooth currently). oooh. devine.
& although the recipe wasn’t nearly as simple as it claimed to be, it is healthier than store-bought & smells better too! He also made whole wheat, which generally isn’t my first choice when white is an option, but it is also terrific. Great texture. I think this is the recipe he followed for both.

Currently I’m finishing up a “red-riding hood” style hat for Lebo (waldorf doll) which I mentioned before. I’d be done, but I’m not a big fan of sewing my knitting. I also started a dress for Naomi. I’ve seen several styles I like but can’t afford to buy that are “grow-with-me” styles. We’ll see what happens, but I’m excited about it for now. Hopefully I’ll finish that before next Tuesday–deadlines are good.

I’ve also been working harder on my Etsy shop, trying to add more & more inventory. I’ve had more success selling, which motivates. It’s nice to know there’s something I thoroughly enjoy & have enough time to contribute. Every little bit helps…Here’s a pic of my current favorite:

Now I feel I’m getting carried away so I’m just going to list & post a few extra pics:
1. Drew’s 2 new hives arrived on Monday, one seems to have a beetle issue, which he’s freezing away right now.
2. The garden is coming along nicely inspite of our seedling failures. We have peas, lettuce, herbs, flowers, corn, squash, zucchini, potatoes, rasberries, blackberries, blueberries, tomatos, apples & beans all in the works. Bell peppers too, but do you have pointers?
3. The birds (hens) are growing, not laying.
4. Naomi’s new favorite toy:

*these cups are volumetrically correct (1+2=3cup w/water, sand, beans…)
want some? I’m trying to put together a group order of DT stuff to save on shipping, email.
5. Leviah can roll both directions & sit semi-assisted & is getting her first tooth–ow.
6. If you don’t shop at Big Lots, you should, but don’t buy a refurbished Shark Steam Mop–twice. End.

Oh, 1 more thing: Lebo’s first handmade shirt–not perfect.

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  • Elizabeth Posted May 27, 2009 3:55 am

    way behind on this one… but the first time I made bread from scratch, I babied that dough for a good 24 hrs, baked it, and when it came out it appeared to be hard enough to be considered a weapon. I was pretty bummed too! Then you cut into it and realize that is just the beautiful crisp crust PRETENDING that the entire loaf is a hocky stick. Anyways, good for you guys baking your own bread. I thought I was doing good cooking my own chickpeas! (sigh) so far to go 🙂

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