Turtle Island
Turtle Island Preserve
a few of the buildings involved

A fitting adventure for us at Turtles to Start…

Ok, so if you have any general interest in living off the land it’s a must see. The place is inspiring & probably more like Eden than any other image available. There’s peace, harmony, love & nearly every hippie adjective you could potentially apply. Minus, as some might tend to think hippie-esque things to be, pretentiality. (really? not a word?!)

handmade shingles

Anyway, it was really neat. With over 900 acres to explore, workshops included: bee-keeping, a nature hike, spinning, knife sharpening, a wood-shop demonstration, fire starting, & more.
The most powerful thing for me was the rooster kill. Having chickens, it’s easier to appreciate the life that goes into our food, but watching anything lose it’s life is emotional, at least I think it should be. What a blessing to breath. A headless, twitching body (regardless its form) had quite an impact on me. We’ve discussed the detachment most folks have with their food frequently & I believe this detachment plays a role in the digression of our society…

rooster (alive)

But, dead roosters aside, our second e-free Sunday was gorgeous & enlightening. It seems slightly ironic to blog on such an event!

canned goods for sale

coal for the forge

Chicken entry-way

work horses

future yarn

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  • Melissa Posted April 3, 2009 12:58 am

    How have I missed your blog so far? I’m so happy to have found it– I like your perspective on things.

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