so, Drew has deemed Sundays as family togetherness day to accomplish…well, anything.

It was a beautiful day & we did just that, ignored our e-tendancies & worked outside. We planted, cleaned, re-arranged, planned, & I even reel-mowed, which is as fun as it was when we originally bought it. The “grass” at this time of year is manageable with a reel-mower & Naomi is out front going to it right now. We bought it when we bought our house & had our first lawn & it was both nostalgic & romantic–until summer hit. The problem is, we don’t have grass, at least not mainly. What we have MAINLY is assorted weed va-rye-e-te. Dandelions, chives, chickweed, clover, etc. The reel mowers are better for grass, because instead of ripping the grass, as gas powered mowers do, it cuts grass straight, like scissors. Again, we don’t more than a blade or 2 of grass mixed in.

…1.5 days later. So, with such beautiful days it’s hard to sit in front of the computer for any amount of time. I’m sure you’re all sitting on the edges of your seats wondering, “what’s next for those grim’s??”

run down of weekend:
1. enjoyed peaceful friday evening eating Drew’s famous pan-seared steaks (delicious, and I’m not a huge red-meat eater)
2. sat. a.m.: went over to the community garden to plant some things & learn more gardening options & meet our fellow gardeners.
3. sat. p.m.: napped
4. later p.m.: drove to charlotte. Drew had never been to ikea & we decided to splurge on a hotel room for a fun grim adventure–well worth every penny. Naomi didn’t fall asleep until after an 11 o’clock screening of that chef cook-off show on the Food Network. Turns out cable on a 80’s tv isn’t as great as PBS on a flat screen…
5. sun. a.m.: ate a hotel breakfast and made the short drive home.
6. sun. p.m.: after a short detour by way of GSO’s farmer’s market we arrived home & began our day outside. Long naps allowed us to do a lot.

I’m afraid a blog posting without pics will be boring, but imagine a wonderful weekend, both in weather & company, and that’s about all there was to it.
No insights other than: an occasional lapse in good judgement when it comes to spending money & time with your family spontaneously & somewhat irresponsibly CAN be priceless.

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