Head spinning right round, right round

Thanks for all the supportive comments on the last post, and the emails and messages and hugs. It means so much to us.

We took a short long trip. In other words, we drove far and didn’t stay long enough. My family comes from NW Pennsylvania and a cousin was married. Naomi was in the wedding and it was a wonderful time–though short. This is where I scream to myself ‘what about the house?! moving?! remodeling?!’

naomi NOT working on the ‘new’ house. this is New River Gorge Overlook–a good place to stretch the legs.

Well, we’re back and in the middle of a whirlwind. Fortunately some progress was made by the painters while we were out, but floors won’t go in until Monday and by the time they dry it is likely to be the 20th. This is an issue as we have to be out of the house we’re in by the 17th. Amazing what 3 little days can do.

call me crazy, but this looks better–yes? 
it’s looking even better than this now. paint is miraculous.

Looks like we’ll be camping, after loading all our belongings into the garage–thank goodness for the garage.

Anyway. PA was beautiful and here are some pics to prove it.

floral arranging in the barn–there was a LOT of this. 
i contributed a few useful ideas–my mom was by far the brains behind project farm-wedding, but she indulged me…
cute farmer baby.
these are paper flowers and they are the coolest thing
tractor and ‘alter’–naturally.
wildflower arrangements for the reception hall.
There weren’t many peaceful moments as there were wedding preparations and celebrations going round and round, but just being there briefly I stole a few quick seconds that reflected the long periods of silence and calm I’ve enjoyed on that farm so many times before. Here’s hoping we can create a similar serenity in our new home…
2 farmer-ettes


  • Anelle Ammons Posted August 11, 2012 12:41 am

    The paint definitely helps!!

    We looked at buying a home that needed TONS of work when we bought this house. We had to get out of our apartment fast, the house wasn't actually liveable at the time, and we just weren't up for it. So, we bought this super suburbia completely redone foreclosure ready to move in. It served its purpose, but we're totally ready to move on.

    I'm very interested in these types of downtrodden properties now, especially with land! We need more land. I'm convinced that we can rise to the challenge, and take a not so perfect house and turn it into our own perfect home. I'm going to be watching your progress for inspiration, and to help remind me that it totally can be done. 😉

  • school house oils Posted August 12, 2012 4:27 am

    you totally COULD do it Anelle! I hope we can offer some inspiration–we are actually contracting out a lot more work with this house than we did with the one we're living in. We're just in too much of a time crunch to install hardwoods ourselves, but no matter how much you intend to do yourself, it is nice to 'customize' things–i'm looking forward to a semi-finished product!

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