We’ve found a very cozy groove with our homeschool.
We have fun, we relax, we color, draw, craft and play. Having a second kid helps so much, now that she’s 3. (note: babies don’t really help. Babies are demanding of both time and energy, but they can teach a great deal about patience, helpfulness, and of course love.)

story time
You’d think little siblings would make school-time more challenging because #2 can’t do what #1 does, but there’s ALWAYS a way to accommodate our activities–plus, #2’s eager enthusiasm shuts down #1’s belligerence with a swift grace that no coaxing of mine will ever achieve. It’s miraculous.
 our very fun lesson about 4 with the Bremen Town Musicians. 

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  • Becca Posted April 19, 2012 2:14 pm

    looks like you guys are really having fun learning! i really like seeing what others are doing. 🙂

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