Inoculating sheep…
sheep farm
A few weeks back when we last visited Rising Meadow, we mentioned that we’d be happy to volunteer should they need a hand. Anne emailed Drew last week &, of course, we were excited to get our hands dirty. We helped get new lambs their vaccinations (one shot, garlic & a quick hoof ‘clipping’) & checked the Ewes hooves & ‘wormed’ them as well.
sheep herd
note the grooming at center 😉
I did remember the camera but didn’t get many shots as we were busy from 9-5. The sound alone was indescribable, unless you’ve been in a barn with over 200 bleating lambs & their mothers. It’s like waves, or loud music & seems like it would be pleasant & cute. I assure you, the brief seconds where they accidentally stopped all at once were like water in the desert, and it sticks with you, like the waves & the ringing…but, their physical cuteness & the job at hand served as great distractions.
rising meadow farm
I was in charge of record keeping, so I managed to stay remotely clean, but Drew reeked of garlic and lanolin until he showered.
All said & done, it was eye-opening for us on the livestock front. We had so much fun & gently wrestling an animal to make certain it stays healthy is a far cry from the McLamburger. (heehee).
vaccinating sheep
sweet pea & buddy are both bottle babies. and irresistible.
oh. the girls didn’t go. we hated for them to miss the experience, but while sheep are soft & cuddly, they’re much bigger than both my children & aren’t too fond of being examined. It was better we left them with their aunt for the day. Next time…


  • Melissa Posted April 26, 2010 1:44 am

    Oh, that looks like quite an experience!!!

  • Joy Posted April 26, 2010 2:24 am

    Very cool! How fun to hang out with the sheep all day. Are you guys going to the open farm day next weekend?

  • Recycling Mom Posted April 27, 2010 1:23 am

    Very cool experience, the pictures of the sheep are great!

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