Bees: Discover and learn from the bees

Our First Behind the Scenes Bees Hive Tour

Even with 7 years as beekeepers we still feel like ‘new-bees’. When it comes to understanding all the dynamics of the bees or honeybee it is really hard.

But, we’re thrilled to answer questions when we can. We’re even more excited to be offering our first bee ‘class’. We are having a few folks over to take a peek into one of our busy hives. We’ll search for the queen, some larvae, workers, and nurse honeybees. Attendees will have an opportunity to see firsthand the inner-workings of a honeybee colony as a whole.

These amazing creatures never cease to amaze us and we want to give others the opportunity to open and explore a hive themselves! Come take a look with us, and bring any questions you might have. Class is geared toward ages 10 years and up.

active bees
Our very own busy bees!

Visit this link to sign up and for more info and reservation! 

bees in action

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