Marriage brings people together.

Weddings do anyway.

I had the distinct pleasure of being in an old friend’s wedding this weekend. A true honor, as has been our friendship. I’m so happy for her (& him), happy to have made new friendships, & am also happy to be finished making her present, which has been opened & I can now share a little pic with you to brag & simply point out how my hands have been occupied for the past few weeks. It’s hard not to share, but i didn’t want to reveal the surprise!

It’s been a few days & perhaps, with the wedding weekend as a new & wonderful memory, I’ll be able to focus on the other plans in my mental notebook. Of course, there’s always the land. Give us 2 hours to steal away to that tick infested acreage & we’re gone! (an issue we are more optimistic about–it seems to be a bad year everywhere, our piece may not actually be plagued alone. Also, encouraging ideas from you folks help A LOT!) The girls are learning how to entertain themselves while we weave fences, cut down framing materials, & clear out underbrush. While things won’t happen nearly as quickly as we’d anticipated, we have a place to turn cartwheels to our hearts content–who could ask for more?

Did you hear I was on the local news a little over a week ago? I can’t find a link to share the video, but it was short & the article sums it up nicely. Gist: Certified Professional Midwives & the women of NC deserve better. Glad to help the effort in our area in any way possible. LICENSE CPM’s NC!

Our lives have been hectic & will probably remain so through the ‘lazy’ days of summer. In many ways I’m grateful to the blog world for giving me a place to keep tabs on what has actually gone down…although, it can be hard to keep up.

And the winner of the May 2010 Playtime Bundle Give Away is: Twig & Toadstool Enjoy!! Thanks everyone. Keep your eyes peeled for another give away soon.

& shameless promotion. My sister has been helping me keep up our Etsy Shop ( & there are LOADS new great items–you may want to take a peek.


  • Naturalearthfarm Posted June 1, 2010 5:24 pm

    The quilt is wonderful. And so exciting to learn bits and pieces of how things are going at your land.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  • Joy Posted June 2, 2010 12:15 pm

    What a beautiful quilt, Lacey! You did a fantastic job. I'll bet your friend was thrilled. 🙂

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