Purim! And This Week’s Puddles

It’s been an up and down kind of week. Naomi was sick at the beginning and we couldn’t identify why. I had a really bad Monday and am still working on letting go and moving on…meanwhile, financially we’re in a bit of a tight spot thanks to a booming economy (sarcasm), Drew’s work van seems to be breaking down, and it’s just been all around hectic. So, I haven’t blogged for lack of ‘good’ things to share–but we all have those weeks and overall we’re well aware of the fortune we have been blessed with…

in the greenhouse

But, we get to end this week with Purim. We’ll celebrate the story of Esther with friends tomorrow evening, and today we made our contribution to the annual Hamantaschen Bake Off. I have to say, I’ve never found THE perfect recipe, so we try a new one every year. This year we used a Moosewood one from this book that this friend passed to me recently (who also makes KILLER granola). I’m actually thinking of turning from the original Moosewood challenge in favor of this thick book FULL of what sound like filling and family pleasing meals…

I loved this post about Hamantaschen, but about the recipe we used; it’s simple–the simplest I could find and while you really need to make sure you get the consistency of the dough right, the taste is great for such an easy recipe. We didn’t make the filling part of the recipe, instead I mixed up some pumpkin pie type filling, and we tried Nutella, per a friend’s suggestion. Both are yum, we can’t eat many though, as we have to represent tomorrow!
So, dress up like a Queen tomorrow and think about saving your people 😉

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  • Joy Posted March 19, 2011 11:43 am

    Sorry you had a rough week, Lacey! If you need anything, let me know. Your Hamantaschen looks delicious! Enjoy Purim!

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