Snow Monkeys & beyond!

First, enter this contest if you like to hold your baby while doing other things 😉

Second…It snowed in Greensboro a few weeks ago & Naomi was obsessed. For a girl like me–who knows what real snow looks like–it was highly entertaining watching her make the best of this very thin blanket!

We had to gather all the snow out of the garden & off the tops of yard toys to build our snow monkey, but at least we had authentic home-grown carrots fresh out of the garden for a Frosty-esque nose. Oh wait, or was that a button?

Thirdly! My sister had her baby! Eden Mara, which is adorable in my opinion. We were all worried for a bit as the hospital was far from supportive of my sister’s desire to keep things natural, but she did it. I’m very proud & excited! I went from having no one to call me Auntie at the beginning of the summer to 2 nieces & another daughter in just 5 months!
If there’s one thing the Reitmeyer sisters can do it’s reproduce–girls…

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