Child’s development: What to expect

Are you fully aware about what your child’s development should be like?

Do you know anything about your child’s psychology? Or consciousness?
Do you know the milestones of brain development? Or how to find a curriculum that best supports that?

As parents we all worry so much about all of this. But after talking with Annie I feel way better.

My conversation with Annie has me feeling much more equipped to make good choices for where my child is in their own personal development, and that keeping some of these key ideas in mind will keep our family feeling more nurtured and excited about learning than ever before.

So go and listen to our new podcast episode about homeschooling and child’s development.

Back in August, we had a super amazing Homeschool Open house. We had professional and veteran homeschoolers give us all their wisdom. We ended up with over 25 people and over 75 videos all about homeschooling.

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