Garden Tower: Why you should get one NOW

Have a small area to garden? Or a deep desire to NEVER WEED AGAIN?! Then the garden tower is your solution.

How it all began

While we live on plenty of lands to have a large garden, what we found is by late July our motivation was lacking, the heat rising and our love of our garden overtaken by weeds. Perhaps you know the feeling. OR, perhaps you’re in an urban setting and think you just don’t have enough space for a garden or enough sunlight.

The truth–this tower blows all those excuses out of the water!

Now, in less than 4 cubic feet you can grow up to fifty healthy plants of your choosing. Herbs, greens, tomatoes, beets, radishes, flowers…

When we finally bit the bullet and bought our Garden Tower we were excited to find a vertical growing tool that uses actual soil, AND it composts! While this is an optional feature, it has made the plants in it–grown side by side with our raised beds–stout, healthy + prolific!

Wanna try it already??? Then get yours now!

Did I mention no weeds?

I LOVE raised beds, but here it is early June and we are already regularly weeding our new raised beds. And that’s just something that will get worse through the year.

I couldn’t be happier with this engineering brilliance. I cannot wait to add a few more towers to our homestead–one for just strawberries, perhaps one for just greens…

Soooo, what is a garden tower?

Garden tower

The garden tower is this amazing stacks of little cup-like holes that allow you to grow a ton of plants vertically. It also allows you to manage your compost in the center of it. You can drop all your kitchen scraps down in the middle tube of the tower and red wiggler worms eat the scraps. In turn, they make some really good “tea” and fertilizer for all your plants to grow on.

garden tower anatomy

This is the perfect system for people that want to grow plants very efficiently. We live on 15 acres of land and still have one because what can grow in the tower outweighs what we can grow in a couple of raised beds.

What are the benefits?

5 major practical benefits of a garden tower

  • You can grow 50 different plants in one single tower
  • Minimum to no weeds at all
  • You can compost in it
  • An ideal gardening method for those in an urban area
  • Space and time saver

These are major practical benefits of the tower and there are many more. Comment below or email us what you think about the benefits of a garden tower.

Cannot wait to start your own garden tower now?

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How to build a garden tower

The garden tower comes with very detailed instructions on just how to put it together.

But the basic idea is…

Step #1

Stack up the layers and the tube in the middle.


Step #2

Zip tie the tube in the middle to hold it in place while you add all the soil.

Step #3

Once that is done add some veggie scraps and soil into the worm tube.

Step #4

Add the worms and you’re pretty much done.

You can also watch our video of us showing you how the whole thing works!

putting the garden tower together

Great plants to plant in the garden tower?

  • Herbs
  • Greens
  • Tomatoes
  • Beets
  • Radishes
  • Flowers
  • Strawberries
  • Anything vine type plants or those with long tendrils
  • Basically any vegetable plants that does not have any strong big roots

The bad bit. Just a bit…

We did manage to rig up a sprinkler from our drip irrigation line, but if I had one complaint it’d be to have some kind of watering option to add on to make even watering of the tower even simpler.

So should you get a garden tower?

If every home in the city had one of these, it would transform the food security of our community in a massive way! Also, you can join us in our community to see what others are doing with their garden tower.

What would you plant in your Garden Tower?

Hit us up in the comments below and tell us what you think.

If you want to have tons of veggies in just a little space, click the button below to get yourself one now!

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