Making easy, cheap, and non-toxic laundry soap

In this blog, we are going to share how we make our skin-friendly, environment-friendly, and non-toxic laundry soap. As we are all about natural health and wellness we make sure that our soap making and the resulting soap are not only easy and cheap to make but non-toxic to use.

It works really, really good. It is super easy to make too! There is no heating or anything that you need to do. But there is one main caution, NO SHAKING. Just stir and don’t shake.

Now let us get to the process of soap making!

Cheap and non-toxic ingredients:

  • One cup of Borax
  • 3/4 cups of Washing Soda (if this not available you can use Baking Soda*)
  • One cup of Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Castile Soap
  • One cup of boiling hot water
  • Essential Oil/s of your choice

Materials you need for the soap making:

  • Jar to keep your soap in
  • Ladle or long spoon
  • Big measuring cup or a big pitcher

Soap making procedure:

Step 1

Place the one cup of borax and one cup of washing soda together in a pitcher or a measuring cup.

If you don’t have washing soda, you can use baking soda instead. Heat one cup of baking soda in the oven at low temperature. This process changes the chemistry and it becomes washing soda replacement. It turns to crystal-like shiny crumbles.

Step 2

Pour in the hot water in the pitcher or measuring cup that contains the borax and washing soda.

Stir it until they are both melted. You can also add hot water as necessary or as you see fit. But make sure that you leave room for the castile soap.

Note: Make sure not to touch the borax or the mixture. It does not hurt you but borax can be a little harsh.

Step 3

When the borax and washing soda are both melted – when they look like they are one smooth homogeneous liquid – it is now time to add in Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Castile Soap.

Stir and mix the concoction until you can’t see anymore trace of the castile soap. Stir until they are all mix together.

Step 4

Now, when they are all mixed up you can now add your favorite essential oil. Essential oils do not just add scent but depending on the essential oil you use, you can also get the benefit that that essential oil gives.

This time I’m picking out bergamot and lemon.

I’m going to do them together. I’m going to do 20 drops of lemon and 10 drops of bergamot. You can go more than 10 drops for the bergamot or any second essential oil you like, but don’t go over 20 drops.

Step 5

After mixing them up and when you see that your mixture is all smooth, melted, and blended perfectly, you can now store them in your jar to use every time you do the laundry.

And then you’re done!

Benefits of making this non-toxic laundry soap

It detoxifies your laundry, and makes you healthier in the long-term.

These types of homemade natural soaps are quick and easy steps to making yourself healthier. Because the smells of those commercial soaps are actually taxing your immune system.

Anytime you have a fragrance like that, it will just weaken your immune system. You will see it in the way they sell it. They say that the smell lasts forever, and if it lasts forever in your clothes it does in your body too. Those fragrances are major hormone disruptors and more.

So it’s best to avoid fragrances like that and if you want your clothes to smell good, you can use essential oils. If you are gunning for the most smell and staying toxic free, use dryer balls or even a wet washcloth. Put a few drops of essential oil on the washcloth and toss it along with your clothes in the laundry.

Notes and some tips!

It can last for a long while

This amount of soap that we made is good for about a year for an average family size. A small amount of it every time you do the laundry can go for a long time. We are a family of six that does farming regularly and gets our clothes real dirty, we use a lot of soap and this amount lasts for about six weeks.

Works well with different types or sources of water

This laundry soap also works great with well water. So if you are on well water, you don’t have to worry if it will work well with the type of water you use.

User-friendly and easy to understand soap making instruction

We eventually got smart and instead of looking up the recipe every time, we just put the short version of the procedure in the container or the jar that we use. So that every time we run out of the soap and need to replenish we just have to look at the container itself for the instruction.

So, the soap making process may seem long at the beginning but once you understand it and get the hang of it you can do without looking at the instruction every time you make laundry soap.

Also, you can find this and some more recipes at if you are curious about other natural stuff that we do.

Start making soap now!

That’s it for a healthy laundry soap making the Schoolhouse Homestead Way.

Watch out for more tips on how we do things the natural way, like this soap making that is not just easy to make but cheap and non-toxic to use too. Once this pandemic has passed we will launch workshops about making dryer balls, so watch out for that.

Again, that’s it for this soap making blog. We hope you enjoy it!

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