Make Your Home A Permaculture Oasis with Brandy Hall

Have you ever had that surreal feeling of, “This is the life!”?

Well, you would feel that when first thing you see out your door are ready to eat juicy ripe berries. That is life. It is life!

And you can totally have it!

Listen as Brandy Hall and I talk about that life, the permaculture life. Learn how it can serve anyone no matter their yard size. If we can all implement a little more of the permaculture way of thinking in our lifestyles then we can all be a little more self-sufficient.

You don’t have to have acreage to be a permaculturist, gardener, or even an agriculture activist! Being a permaculturist or having a permaculture life is easy for any beginner out there!

So be sure to grab Brandy’s Shade Loving Landscape Guide!

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