On Becoming Four & Being Full of Fun
We had a birthday yesterday. Leviah is 4. Un. Believeable. She’s been a little short changed with the last two birthdays, for her #2 I was sick as a dog being pregnant with Eliza. For #3 Drew and I left for a little trip to Boston and while we celebrated together a bit, I felt bad we didn’t have any real to-do. So, this year we went all out, at least as much as we ever do. There were decorations, games, a theme even. An awesome theme if I’m going to toot–it was a Matryoshka Birthday. They were everywhere. Thank goodness for pinterest and the internet at large. 

The following are pictures.

freezer paper stencil
i made this with freezer paper–such an easy way to make a ‘screenprinted’ shirt. gonna be doing this a lot more i reckon.  
russian doll hunting game
in this game the kids had to retrieve all the hidden matryoshkas around the yard and then assemble and share the goodies inside. This took place after reading The Littlest Matryoshka, which I had to get Leviah–a great book and with the theme and all…We also hid little tiny printed paper matryoshkas and hid them. There’s nothing more entertaining than watching kids scramble around the yard in a great search.
matryoshka pinata
the girls and i made this beauty. sadly, we should have made her with about 4 more layers of paper mache ’cause she fell apart before everyone had a chance to give her a whack. She was falling apart just hanging in the tree…a bit of a bummer, but the candy covered ground seemed to ease the pain. and, making her was really fun. Naomi and Leviah agreed she was way better than the pinatas at the store. 
nesting doll gamematryoshka party for kids

these are the goody bags, just red lunch sacks stuck with some printed matryoshka art found here. thank you babelisme!

the cupcake set I found at Sur La Table on clearance.
nesting doll banner
 opening her presents under her matryoshka banner–i made a simple pattern and cut up craft papers.
Here’s Leviah opening her gift from me. Drew & I each painted a set of matryoshkas. Mine represent our family, Drew’s are more abstract. I got the blank sets from this web store which I was excited is located in Boone, one of our favorite places. And, they had the greatest customer support when I had to call. So, rave review here!
family matryoshkas
All in all, I think we pulled off a decent birthday bash for Leviah. She’s napped like a toddler for 2 days to make up for all the excitement. Big thanks to the Man Upstairs for keeping Sandy at bay until the festivities were over. I hope everyone else is managing that storm alright!


  • Joy Posted October 31, 2012 9:04 am

    What a fun party! It looks like she had a fabulous time! I love the theme. You did such a great job with it. The pinata looks great, even if it didn't last long. And Leviah's shirt is super cute!

    • Lacey Grim Posted November 1, 2012 6:04 pm

      thanks Joy! I think she's happy with it. she doesn't have a lot of opportunities to be the center of attention like Naomi so it's nice to have had a chance to spoil her.

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