Paper Chain Crowns

Sometimes the simplest crafts provide the most joy. This is a great thing for me to embrace. Though I always have grand ideas and notions of what we can accomplish in a single day, sometimes the cranky baby that can’t seem to be calmed throws us for a loop. Today was one of those days, so we have Hamantaschen half made and some paper crowns to show for it.

this one is very elvish
course, we also made penguins and racoons 

If you’re familiar with making paper doll strands, snowflakes, and the like, you should have no trouble picking up some paper and scissors and getting to business. I had lots of ideas to take the craft one more step, like fabric or pretty wrapping paper…but, for today the simplicity of construction paper served us well.

these new costumes are what they’ll dress up in tomorrow for our party, scored Naomi’s at a local consignment store–it’s really cute!

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